Where there is a fear, there is an insurance product.  However, aside from the occasional discussion about property and casualty insurance (Automobile, Homeowners and Umbrella Liability protection) we spend most of our time discussing the big three: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance.  We tend to start all discussions with "What happens if I don't purchase insurance coverage?" "Would it be a catastrophic event?" Insurance was never designed to cover the cost of repairs for a washing machine. 
What we do: We begin by compiling a detailed listing of Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance coverage on our Insurance Summary¹. We may discuss property and casualty insurance or health insurance, but our knowledge is limited.  
What are my options? 
Can I afford to insure?
Can I afford not to insure?
Are there potential shortfalls in coverage?
Are there potential excess coverage's?
Sometimes it's difficult to find the right answer. There is no one size fits all insurance plan.  And there is a cost; so it must also be prioritized with all other goals.  Ultimately, decisions come from your insurance belief system - we just want you aware of these risk exposures. 

Why we do it:
Life is full of difficulties but we can overcome most of them. However certain events can significantly alter your future or the future of your family through no fault of your own. Insurance does not protect you from catastrophe; however it can help you avoid compounding a personal catastrophe with a financial catastrophe. 

What we don’t do: We are not licensed to sell insurance. If additional or replacement coverage becomes important, we will consult an outside professional. 

Sample of the Summary used to organize these discussions.


Transitioning to Medicare is another common topic.  The Medicare website is a good resource during the enrollment process.

Another good resource during the Medicare enrollment process.