We want to ask the right questions and have the right discussions. Are you saving for college for kids or grandkids? Will others share the cost? How much will it take? What are the best savings vehicles? Lots of questions here.

What we do: We work to define the goal and formulate an accumulation plan. Discussions may include:

Financial Aid options
Financial Aid qualifications
Loan options
529 Plan accumulation
Education Savings Accounts 
Taxable Accounts
Uniform Transfer to Minor (UTMA) Accounts
And affordability

It’s important to first prioritizing a college funding goal among all other goals.  This context usually comes from the retirement planning process. Some people decide to cap their contribution to a college funding goal at a specific amount per year. Others feel there is no limit. Regardless, it’s helpful to consider your philosophy and prepare accordingly.

*Also, we will meet with students/young investors to help them sort through tuition bills, school loans, investing, etc. as they begin their financial lives independent of their parents. This is a critical time to form healthy financial habits.

Why we do it:
The cost of college continues to increase each year. Facing college costs and retirement accumulation simultaneously can be overwhelming.  Planning ahead will not solve all problems but not planning ahead puts you at a disadvantage. When tuition bills come due, you will be glad you did some college planning.  

What we don’t do:
We do not complete FASFAs. We are happy to help with research, paperwork, etc. - but it's a team effort.


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Great ideas for establishing good financial habits in your children.