Investing can be confusing and overwhelming. Often, the emotion, “noise” and plethora of investment products causes investors to avoid markets altogether. This is costly. In most cases, education is all that separates a successful investor from an unsuccessful one. A successful investor, one who makes prudent long-term investments within a diversified portfolio, is much more likely to realize the long-term goals of a financial plan.

What we do: We work together to determine an asset allocation consistent with your life goals and tolerance for volatility. Context from a retirement "projection" is crucial. We will design a diversified portfolio (with exposure to many distinct areas of the market) based on your asset allocation decision. 
We use stock, bond and real estate mutual funds.
We rebalance periodically. 
We invest in a tax-advantaged manner whenever possible.
We use low-cost, no-load mutual funds. 
We keep up with the "science" of portfolio design - to achieve the best results for each unit of risk you accept. 
We revisit the allocation mix (at a minimum) every three to five years - but we don't want to make changes based on emotion or a market timing "hunch". 

You receive regular and detailed performance reporting. The success of an investment plan should be clear. In addition to a successful investment experience, we strive to provide organization and simplification.  This entire process is formalized with a copy of our Investment Philosophy Statement¹ and an individualized Investment Plan².

Why we do it:  Inefficient investment decisions can derail a well-constructed financial plan. Efficient investment decisions can reduce the capital required to achieve goals. 
What we don’t do: Unfortunately, we do not have a “crystal ball”.  We do not attempt to time the market or predict individual stock performance.  Fortunately, you don't have to - capital markets deliver quality returns over time.  We believe that markets are too efficient to consistently profit from a market timing strategy.  History, in fact, shows that timing the market or attempting to outperform market returns often leads to underperformance, jeopardizing what is rightfully yours - market returns. There is simply too much at stake.  



Strong market research, resources and real world “passive” investment strategies.

Summary of our Investment Philosophy & supporting information.