The Retirement Planning process provides context. This information (combined with a clear understanding of your tax picture) prepares us to construct the best accumulation and distribution strategies. An efficient accumulation and/or distribution plan can have substantial impact on the success of a financial plan.

What we do: Accumulation Years - During the accumulation years, retirement projections provide context regarding savings levels. Once a savings level is determined, we redirect our energy towards the most productive accumulation plan. We use a Big Picture Diagram¹ to organize the discussion.
How much should go to college costs?
How much towards retirement?
What amount should be saved in a taxable account?
Am I eligible for tax free Roth IRAs? 
How much should we save in a tax deferred retirement account?
Should we pay off debt or invest?
The questions are endless. We work together to sort through the options and seek tax-efficient accumulation. These questions are commonly revisited in semi-annual meetings.
Distribution Years - We don’t stop planning at retirement. The questions/issues simply evolve with each phase of life. During the distribution years, retirement planning efforts provide context regarding spending levels. We strive to avoid over and under spending.
How much do we need?
Are these withdrawals sustainable?
Should I delay Social Security benefits?
Which pension option should I elect?
Which "pot" of money should I tap first?
Should I roll my 401k to an IRA?
Will my tax bracket vary during retirement?
When must we begin Required Minimum Distributions (RMD)?
These questions and others are addressed. We use the Big Picture Diagram¹ to organize the discussion and we work together to implement the most tax-efficient distribution plan. These questions are commonly revisited in semi-annual meetings.

Why we do it: Saving for the future is important, but saving efficiently can reduce the capital required. One less year on the "treadmill" is one more year traveling or spending time with family.  An efficient distribution plan can add years to the lifespan of a nest-egg.

What we don’t do: We do not design or administer retirement plans.  These services are provided to small business owners by Third Party Administrators (TPA). We work with TPAs to help small business owners establish the right plan for them.



Sample of the Diagram used to organize these discussions.