Our tax system is complex and ever-changing.  Our first goal, is to proactively reduce current taxes.  Our second goal is to lay the groundwork to minimize taxes in future years, especially during retirement.
What we do:  Here are some actions we can take to reduce taxes:
Cost Basis - We monitor your investments and keep track of your cost basis.  We can be a resource for your accountant.  Because we know the basis, we sometimes also take advantage of capital losses by tax-loss harvesting.  This can reduce current and future taxes.  
Portfolio Structure - We are careful to hold assets in the appropriate accounts.  While designing your portfolio, we carefully position assets across taxable, tax-deferred and tax-free accounts - depending upon where we get the best after-tax results.
Tax-Advantaged Accounts - We review options to ensure that you are taking full advantage of college and retirement accounts that offer current tax deductions, efficient tax deferral or fully tax-free growth.  
Tax Projections - Based on the last few years' actual tax picture, we often project current and future tax years. Since we know your current situation and future plans, we factor in portfolio income, projected earnings, retirement dates, pensions, Social Security decisions, the tax nature of the portfolio, distribution plans and so on.
These projections often uncover opportunities such as Roth IRA conversions.  Sometimes, they also help with tax withholding decisions and retirement plan distribution decisions.
CPA Referrals - We work with a number of experienced CPAs in the Valley and can provide referrals upon request.
Why we do it:  Each dollar you save in taxes is one less dollar you have to accumulate.  We will work with your accountant to explore proactive tax-saving opportunities. Our knowledge of your current situation and future plans can help.   
What we don't do:  We are not tax professionals.  We do not prepare Tax Returns
Federal Tax Research, Forms, Publications, Refund Charts, etc. 
State Tax Research, Forms, Publications, Refund Charts, etc.