Our goal is to build a financial plan to help you achieve clarity, simplicity, security and peace of mind.  The first few meetings are exploratory.  We learn about each other, determine whether we can help, and decide if there is a good fit.  Financial Planning is hard work and, thus, requires a commitment of time and energy.
During these early meetings, we want to uncover your values and goals.  Then, after addressing any urgent issues, we begin to formulate a plan.  It will not happen overnight.  During the planning process, we face many options and choices.  We are careful to help you weigh the variables and make well-informed decisions. We spend considerable time educating and clarifying issues.  Once we are well established, we meet (at a minimum) twice a year on an ongoing basis.  This ongoing process prepares us for important discussions that come with each new chapter of life.
The financial planning process generally involves Retirement PlanningTax Planning, Maximizing Resources, Estate Planning, Portfolio Management, College PlanningInsurance and Household Finances. And a successful financial planning process recognizes the interconnected nature of each discussion.