Roger & Suzie's Road Trip - The Good Ole U.S.A.

By Roger Stach
 Suzie and I, who have traveled to many places around the world, decided that we needed to see more of what our country had to offer.   So, last September, we set out on a 20-day road trip through the western states.  
 We saw many remarkable places, making it nearly impossible to pick our favorite, but some of the highlights were:  the majestic mountains adorned with bright yellow Aspens in Colorado; the beautiful and unusual formations caused by wind and erosion in Monument Valley, Arches, Badlands, and Zion National parks; our patriotic feelings gazing up at Mt. Rushmore; the blue skies and vast landscapes of Wyoming and Montana; the herds of grazing bison in South Dakota; the beautiful red rock canyons of St. George.  One of the most memorable places was the Grand Tetons –our blistered index fingers are nearly healed from all the snapshots we took.
In addition to all the memories and picturesque views, Suzie and I had plenty of laughs along the way.  While patiently waiting for Old Faithful to erupt in Yellowstone, we watched a group of Japanese tourists excitedly whoop and holler every time the geyser spurted a little steam.  (You had to be there.)  Another funny thing happened when we pulled over to take a selfie with a “Welcome to Wyoming” sign.  I am not sure how, but in the photo, I ended up with two heads.
 We considered an RV for this trip.  Looking back, our minivan worked out great.  It got good gas mileage, was easy to park, and handled some backroads too difficult for an RV.  


Lessons learned:

September: kids are back at school but retirees and foreign tourists clog the motels and hotels –Reserve Ahead!

Popular Destinations: Reserve Ahead!

Roads Less Traveled: Shun the freeways, Explore the backroads.

It’s a great, big, beautiful country. Don’t miss it. See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet (or Toyota minivan!)