Client Adventure: Pam's Slovakian Story

June 2011

Sometimes life offers you a big surprise. Mine was helping adults in Slovakia learn conversational English. The seed for this adventure started at my church, Hope Lutheran.   I knew where Slovakia was since my husband’s grandparents came from the little village of Lipany, Slovakia.

Slovakiastill feels the effects of their rule under the communists, but they now are part of the EU and realize the need for the use of the English language.

Last July my team from California spent two weeks supporting the staff at the Center for Christian Education in Martin, Slovakia. Some members worked with the youth or remodeled a school building. The other team members spent the school day teaching students in small groups. The Center is dedicated to training future Christian workers for many positions in their country.

I felt my gift was the appreciation and friendship gained from students and staff of the Center. There was time to travel to many parts of this very beautiful country while learning about their culture and foods. This mission keeps calling me back – I hope to go again soon.

Below are a few pictures of my students and activities while working in Slovakia.

From left to right: 

1. My police officer students eager to learn more English.

          2. They made me pose with their new police car.

          3. Teaching students in a more traditional setting.

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