Client Adventure: Bill and Joan enjoy a ''Jam''-packed cruise!

March 2012
Earlier this year, Bill and Joan Hunter enjoyed a 4-day “Jam” Cruise through Carnival Cruise Lines®. Ports of call included Catalina Island, CA and Ensenada, Mexico. Cruises are known for their fun activities and relaxing atmosphere, but what made this trip even more entertaining was “Jam Cruise 2012”. Over eighty Bluegrass musicians were on board and played at designated times throughout the day (morning, noon, and sometimes even late into the night). 


The musicians were varied in their types of instruments; fiddles, guitars, banjos, harmonicas, but offered some phenomenal styles to those on-board. These choices included Bluegrass, Old Time, Country Swing, Irish, Gospel…the list goes on and on!        

Bill plays the banjo “frailing style” and also the fiddle. Joan loves playing the autoharp. They knew many of the musicians on-board, but also had the chance to meet new people who shared their love of the same instruments. People of all ages and walks of life flowed freely between the different groups and song styles making it a really unique experience. Having the opportunity to connect with so many talented individuals was a lot of fun and there was always something for everyone.


The ports of call along California and Mexico’s west coast were fantastic. Catalina Island’s beaches were beautiful as they wandered up and down the shore and exploring Ensenada was definitely a highlight too. 


The cruise itself was wonderful as well. As Bill put it, the “meals were great, service was great….you were able to do what you wanted to, when you wanted to, and how you wanted to.” Having the comfort of the ship’s convenience gave Bill and Joan the opportunity to relax when they wanted to, but also the entertainment whenever they were ready to jam some more. 


Are you thinking about going on a cruise? Here are some helpful tips recommended by Bill and Joan:

1.     Plan to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. Pick the cruise because it is a great destination, not a convenient one.


2.     Travel light! Don’t take too much. The basic necessities will do just fine.


3.     Look for “extra” perks or enticements. Find cruises that cater to your likes and interests (like the “Jam Cruise” was for Bill and Joan).


4.     Have fun and relax! You are on vacation!