Who is Pathways Advisory Group?
We are a fee-only financial planning firm established in 2007. We are located in Fresno California. Prior to establishing Pathways Advisory Group, Inc. our staff originated from one half of the firm Portfolio Advisors, established in 1990. To learn more about us and our history visit “Who We Are”and “Where It All Began”.
What services do you provide?
We provide financial planning and portfolio management. We believe financial planning provides important context for portfolio management. We also believe financial planning is a process – not a document. Unfortunately, however, there isn’t really a common definition of financial planning.  In some cases, it seems to be an excuse to sell a product. Financial planning at its core simply recognizes the importance and interconnectivity of each component of our personal finances.  It is fundamentally about clarifying goals and creating a plan to achieve them.  To learn more visit “Our Services”.
What is your investment philosophy?

We believe markets are too efficient to profit from a market timing strategy. Therefore, we use passively managed stock, bond and real estate mutual funds to create a low cost, well-diversified global portfolio. We are also proponents of the academic research of Dimensional Fund Advisors regarding market behavior. To learn more visit “Portfolio Management”.

What do you charge?
We charge a quarterly fee based on the assets we manage. There is no separate charge for financial planning services. Our fees are typically debited from the investment portfolio. To learn more about our business model and fee schedule visit “Where We Fit”.
Who ''fits'' with your services?
It’s a mutual decision. We have clients from all walks of life. Young families getting started.  Couples accumulating for the future.  Someone approaching retirement.  Retirees.  Semi-retirees.  Employees and Employers. Small business owners.  The “fit” has more to do with a commitment to the financial planning process and a willingness to explore personal circumstances. To learn more send us a message under “Contact Us”.